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Abandoned By Light - Life O' Despicable Life

Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Suicide, Love, Depression, Loneliness, Hatred
Year: 2014
Type: Full-lenght
Country: United Kingdom
Location: York, North Yorkshire, England
Formed in 2013
Release date: August 28th, 2014
Status: Active
Years active: 2013 (as Perpetua), 2013-present
Current/last label: Black Lion Productions
Quality and format: mp3@CBR320kbps
Size: 95.2 MB

Founded in February 2013.
Formerly known as Perpetua, the name was changed to reflect a musical direction change. 

Callum "Karhmul" Jones

Anthony Matthews contributes vocals on track 3, his band is 'Before This Silence'
Lame Bastard (Fatih Unuzer) contributes vocals on track 5, his band is 'Unhappy'

1. Inner Misanthropic Distortion 05:45 
2. And the Light Within Me Died… 05:46 
3. Fading Through Dark Mists (Feat. Anthony Matthews) 05:20 
4. Scars of Memories 05:26 
5. To the Plague That Is Man… (Feat. Lame Bastard) 07:00 
6. Lost Within These Walls 05:52 
7. Fortvivlan Min Arvedel (Shining Cover) 06:59

Total playing time: 42:08

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