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Strid - End Of Life

Genre(s): Depressive Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Forests, Night, Nature, Depression, Death
Year: 1993
Type: Demo
Country: Norway
Location: Askim
Formed in 1991
Release date: 1993
Status: Split-up
Years active: 1991-1992 (as Malfeitor), 1992-1993 (as Battle), 1993-?, ?-2015
Current/last label: Kyrck Productions & Armour
Quality and format: mp3@192kbps
Size: 14.8 MB

First known as Malfeitor (1991-1992). After releasing two demos, they changed their name to Battle (Nor), released the "End of Life" demo, soon changed their name again, this time to "Strid", and re-released their "End of Life" demo under the new name.

Strid means "Battle" in Norwegian.

There are bootleg releases on CD (2005 by Ars Mysteriorum) and LP, each featuring both "End of Life" and the 7" EP tracks.

The band is commonly recognised as the creators of depressive black metal.

The band is now active again, after many years of non-productivity. A new release is now in pre-production.

Jardar is not the same guy who plays in Old Man's Child and Requiem. Storm is not the same guy who used to play in Gorgoroth.

Includes live session members from Dødheimsgard.

1 - End of Life

Total playing time: 11:00 

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